First time I've been banned from a game forum in 30yrs of playing games...

And it's a game I've played for 8yrs and game I cared about. Through these 8 yrs... I've come to the conclusion that posting on these forums are useless. Meddler would post his Thoughts of the day and he would flourish it with a few responses. Sometimes there would be interaction when the devs deemed fit- when they're looking for active responses. Other times, the general consensus is that no devs would even look at these forums... They could not get the data they want from these forums. It is partly our fault too. But the structure of the forum is part of the problem too. Just look at the Path of Exile forums and reddit... that's what a game forum and moderator behaviour should be like. There are Community Managers like Bex interacting with the gamers. Issues are looked into by the devs diligently. Not Moderators lashing out on users for venting their genuine frustrations and sometimes not in a terribly rude manner too. signing out.
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