Riot Ban Policies

Hi all, I just wanted to voice my concerns about Riots ban policies on here. Let me give you a little bit of backstory- I made the account UMonky around December 2018/January 2019. After I got to level 30 I became a little bit toxic in a game and was willing to take a chat restriction (I don't believe I said anything too bad) and instead of a chat restriction I went straight to a two week ban, which I thought was pretty ridiculous. Fast forward to mid April of 2019, and since the 2 week I had no prior run-ins with Riots rules, and something that happens when you play a game like this everyday, is you get a little toxic. So over the course of two games I get super tilted (but don't even feed) and say some things im not proud of including the N-word at some point. Knowing I fucked up I expected a pretty long chat restriction, because again I didn't feed, int, or troll at ALL, and next thing I know my account is permabanned. I feel like this is an abhorrent overreaction on Riots side, and I was wondering if anybody agreed. TL;DR Got toxic once on a perfectly clean account with only 1 minor run in with Riot and got permabanned from it with no chat restrictions at all (no trolling, inting, or feeding took play on my end)
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