Riot NEEDS to fix this

I have played a grand total of 4 games today. This has been my games: Game 1 on Vlad Top: Bot/Mid/Jg are feeding, not terribly bad because we scale, but it's like 10-5. It'll be fine. Well, Trist build Hurricane first item, sees 3 enemies at dragon pit, and Rocket Jumps into all of them. Pretty sure that's trolling. Game 2 on Vlad Top: Good start. Get 2 kills on Riven early, and back with 4000 gold by 10 minutes (also have 2 plates and a 40 cs lead). Nocturne pings me to go herald, I tell him I have 4k gold and TP up, I will buy then TP back. He backs off herald and never pings again. He then griefs the rest of the game, not taking objectives, only farming, not ganking, not ulting in teamfights. The only time he ulted the rest of the game was in a fight in mid lane, and he only ulted after 4 were dead. Another example: I was red side, tier 2 turret. Nocturne is at krugs (red side krugs). I'm 1 v 1 ing riven (who is now fed becuase it's a 4 v 5 in teamfights and she gets a lot of kills after laning phase). I'm almost soloing her, and Nocturne can help. He keeps farming. No ult. No movement. Same for every teamfight. Lose the game despite a fabulous start, lost due to griefing. Game 3 on Vlad mid. Good. Goes smoothly. Game 4 on Yasuo mid. I die once to the enemy Zed. Ok, I kind of outscale him and I'm more useful in teamfights, seeing as I have a Janna who can use Tornado so I can ult. Janna then decides to start roaming when I ping Zed is gone, gives him 2 kills. I don't die to Zed again, but he is 3/0. Janna decides she should be the frontline in teamfights, and gets killed every time in the first second. I tell her to stay in the back and let Morde take damage. She ignores me and then hits 0 tornados. Pretty sure I lost cuz of a troll. today, In 3/4 of my games, I have actively had someone troll my team. Rocket jumping into 3 enemies is not "oh I should have flashed that" or "sorry bad game", that's just inting. Not helping the entire team over me telling you I have 4k and I have to back but can TP immediately instead of going to herald is griefing. Not hitting nados, pretty much staying on the front in teamfights, and only ulting when you are alive is, in my mind, ulting. My question is: how is this possible? HOW CAN DOTA 2, A MUCH SMALLER GAME, HAVE A BEHAVIOR SCORE AND LEAGUE CANNOT? It's one thing to have a few bad games, but to be going 0/12 every game indicates that something is wrong. Why is there not a system for this? I may acutally quit this game-I am getting tired of people actively trolling every game (I can't play ranked at the mo because my mouse is having issues and I don't wanna risk LP loss, so I'm practicing in drafts).

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