[Suggestion] Punishment Falloff

Hello all, I have been reading through the forums and have noticed some people have conflicting views in regards to the report/ punishment system for League of Legends. While I understand that there are many, many toxic players and trolls in the game that need to be addressed I also do not agree with the idea of someone being **permanently** banned for your average toxicity and trolling (feeding/ spamming) when these players are probably just having a bad day or are immature kids. I am not sure if this is already in place yet but I would like to suggest a system where if someone receives a 14-day ban for intentional feeding after they have been warned and everything by the system and continue to do so they are given a grace period in when if they do not misbehave in 3 or 6 months the punishment will go down a tier. Here's how this will work. 1. Player gets warning from automated system and receives a 10-day chat ban 2. Player ignores warning, waits for chat ban to be over and continues to to misbehave in game and review a 14-day game ban (suspension) 3. Player realizes while trolling can be fun it is better to play the game as a team to ensure victory and prevent harsh consequences 4. Player receives numerous "Honorable Opponent/ Teammate" tags from both allied and enemy teams for being a great sport for a consecutive set of time (3-6 months) and the automatic punishment system backs down **3-6 months later after being sportsmanlike** 5. Player gets fired from his/ her job and comes home to play League of Legends as a way to relax but takes out the stress on his/ her fellow teammates and receives another 14-day ban **12+ months later after being sportsmanlike** 6. Player is now ranked Platinum III and the automated system recognizes his/ her efforts into being a good teammate making the next punishment a 10-day chat ban/ warning (depending on time of being "good") This is just a template and I would like feedback on this! I hope something like this can be implemented if it isn't already.
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