I've had my account for 6 seasons and I've spent almost 3,000$ on the game. I recently got permabanned for 5 reports in my last 20 games. How can I be heavily reported in 3 games with only 5 reports? I have no idea. I don't know if Riot actually plays their game, but 5 reports in 20 sounds pretty tame. I play jungle, and generally when you start losing everyone looks to the jungler as to why they are losing. That's just generally how it works because lanes expect the jungle to win their lane especially in lower elo's where the just don't understand how the game works. Also, you ever disagree with a person and turns out they're duo? Yeah that's 2 reports right there. I don't know exactly how to reform the banning system, however, I do feel permanent suspension is way too common. I usually play competitive league (as in 5v5 teams formed prior and play in tourneys) and pretty much everyone in that scene has at least one perma banned account. The reasoning is simple, these are people that want to win first and foremost and that makes their dialogue a little rough around the edges. I don't think toxicity should ever lead to perma ban when muting is a feature in the game, toxic gameplay is much more annoying to every single person in the community. Mainly, I'd like some of my money back just to know Riot isn't trying to take it and run with it. I even still had like 3,000 rp on it that I never got to spend. What do you guys think? Is permaban too prevalent? Is Riot falling deeper into the white knight propaganda similar to Overwatch? Or am I just a drama queen? Let me know.
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