What is everyone's problem? Talk to me.

What is your problem? Why every game now do I see 2-4 of the following; -Giving up (after losing kills, an objective, anything) -"Soft Intentional Feeding" or even blatant feeding/ Stealing farm over petty bullshit -Even more toxic chat condemning and blaming people for YOUR own mistakes -Outright Leaving, Disconnecting, or just ReMaking games one after the other Guys. I try very hard to keep my team in the game, positive, and working together, to TRY, but there is something blatantly wrong with this community as a whole now. Look at my match history. This account is ruined. Every loss I've tried to quell this kind of behavior and be a positive force and focus myself and my team and it amounts to nothing. It amounts to less than nothing as I get called a jew, n word, f-gay word, tard, and accused of everything my own team is doing and threatened with a report myself for not even pointing out their fault or misplays! I don't do that shit to people. I'm a reformed player. [RANT] There must be a way to fix ranked, to make the penalties harsher, to gate ranked behind massive requirements, to make punishments take longer to recover from. Something! I just want to win! Failing that I want the loss to be fun and at least a learning experience. I want to encourage and help people and work with my teams, but people in this game, they are animals! I've seen more mature and team oriented Middle schoolers than these "players". All this said. TALK TO ME! Tell me what will make you work with me. I WANT to work with you, but you guys don't give me anything to work with in the first place. I put myself out there and try to establish some basic trust so we can at least have good games and get SHIT ON for it! Why? Just. WHY?! Tell me! [/RANT]
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