JP server PERMA BAN is totally ridiculous

I am from Hong Kong and was studying in the UK. I played EUW and NA with a brunch of friends for like 5+ years without ever being banned. After we finished our studies we went back to Hong Kong and transferred our account / create new account to JP due to NA/EUW ping are impossible to play with. Then here we go, like half of my friends were PERMA banned. Today its my turn. I just got PERMANENTLY banned by saying the following in just 1 GAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game 1 erinching: why are u noy moving erinching: half of the time erinching: my support iss lv2 and shes roaming again erinching: i just wanna farm erinching: gg erinching: gg erinching: sup afk erinching: i am trying erinching: not afking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. None of these were exaggerating, I was just stating the fact that my support is AFK near the turret/base 2. Even if i truly have sarcastic meaning , is that even a ban, or is that even a PRAMA BAN? The system clearly has something wrong with it and I feel totally unfair. I have already submitted a ticket but still I really wanna share this CRAZY JP banning system to all of you. I hope riot is actually looking at it and notice how crazy things are going on in JP server. Sorry for poor English as its just my second language and thank you for your time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit 1: For those who think I am just BS-ing... why should I? Edit 2: They just gave me a reply in Japanese that I could not understand
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