One game Banned...with a (trolling) Zoe Jg....

Sorry, didn't see "Game 2" in the report.... Game 1 ohnose87: 1 gank top ohnose87: got my flash ohnose87: no gank = me afk :D ohnose87: well, no other way to discourage our zoe from jungling other than to show her it doesn't work ohnose87: gg wp ohnose87: zoe afk farming ohnose87: push top and end ohnose87: well, we have a zoe jg ohnose87: that hasn't ganked ohnose87: 0 ganks ohnose87: with a broken champ ohnose87: lmaop ohnose87: gg wp ohnose87: push top ohnose87: zoe, never jungle again ohnose87: useless ohnose87: don't ever waste my time again, when you pve for 12 minutes ohnose87: reported ohnose87: why would you even zoe jg if you don't gank? ohnose87: zoe, do you even gank? ohnose87: only if zoe ganked ohnose87: gtfo ohnose87: let me get that farm ohnose87: if you're not going to gank ohnose87: lmao ohnose87: fyi, nida ohnose87: thank mid, bot, and top for carrying you ohnose87: zoe jg is not viable, if you're playing it ohnose87: complain to jg ohnose87: irp ohnose87: rip ohnose87: draven flaming ohnose87: zoe afk farming ohnose87: now thresh flaming, lmao ohnose87: these pre-30 games are pro :D ohnose87: no reason to report me, but okay ohnose87: thresh spam pinging me ohnose87: muting you, bro ohnose87: you're toxic ohnose87: ggw p ohnose87: yeh, the community is pretty bad atm ohnose87: sorry about that, man ohnose87: gg wp Game 2 ohnose87: panth is going to roam ohnose87: he played support lasat game ohnose87: want me to go top? ohnose87: until he comes back? ohnose87: let me tank first 2 hits ohnose87: we lost lane when they got push ohnose87: fyi ohnose87: lee ohnose87: our top has tp ohnose87: theirs doesn't ohnose87: you should be gankging that lane ohnose87: gj ohnose87: it's also game ohnose87: jg and mid lost ohnose87: meta is so snowbally now ohnose87: done ohnose87: i should have top'd ohnose87: every game, lmao ohnose87: every game, i get a troll, why i ohnose87: then go play bots ohnose87: get a feel for your champ ohnose87: before you go pvp ohnose87: well, apparently you didn't when you were pvp'ign ohnose87: it's pvp ohnose87: people would expect you to have a rudimentary understanding of your champ ohnose87: gained through bots ohnose87: feeding ohnose87: gg wp ohnose87: unbelievable ohnose87: gg wp ohnose87: tfw the support has the best score on the team.... >.< ohnose87: fo sho ohnose87: rip ohnose87: rip ohnose87: lmao, easy champ, low mana costs, easy poke, easy all in, easy farm from a distance ohnose87: not sure how you go 0/4/1 ohnose87: sorry, 0/5/2 ohnose87: cute, you defending your duo? ohnose87: lmao ohnose87: yep ohnose87: yeh, gg wp....zoe's been int'ing for a while now ohnose87: dat int'ing, tho ohnose87: still don't like people intentionally feeding ohnose87: sorry that's a problem for you ohnose87: 0/8/2? basically a death every 2 minutes..... ohnose87: please explain what int'ing is, if that's not it ohnose87: that's what i thought ohnose87: EYYY ohnose87: lmao ohnose87: ridonkulous ohnose87: rofl..... ohnose87: rofl ohnose87: nothing else to do but laugh at this point ohnose87: rofl ohnose87: yeah, nothing else to do but laugh at this point >.< ohnose87: mundo flaming ohnose87: rip O.o ohnose87: gg wp One game. With a Zoe (who is broken atm) jg that afk farmed jg. Unbelievable the trolling community that Riot fosters...pathetic.
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