why am i matched with a lv 23 who uses hatespeech and isnt banned 15min later?

https://puu.sh/EL6MR/cc12736389.png <- chat from 15min later. rito: wE dOnt unTrStrand wHy U feEl like Our sisTm dOs notIng yeah i wonder why we get that feeling hmmm. INSTANT (haha) FEEDBACK (haha) system my ass. "send in a support ticket" there i wrote that for you. np. in that support ticket i will ask riot why their system is down again. maybe i get an answer (haha) ---------------------- pls read edit: im aware of the feedback message being very rare. thats why i said "feedback(haha)" because the name just doesnt fit in idk 90% of the cases so far 3 out of 3 comments told me "just cause you didnt get a feedback doesnt mean the user isnt banned" id appreciate if you READ the thread before commenting on it. the user is in my friendlist and is chatting with me RIGHT NOW almost half an hour later. i dare to say that I DO KNOW that he isnt banned IF HE IS CHATTING WITH ME

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