BOTS, BOTS, and a lot of BOTS

I mean really. Do i really have to waste my time playing with 3 or 4 bots in a team. It is only a low lv thing but seriously, I lose those 15-20 minutes of my day, which most of the time would be fine if I played with real players, but this is unacceptable. If I can level up my other accounts like a normal person does so can everyone else. It seems like RIOT is not doing all that much to prevent botting, they just ban few of them while the others get away with it. Why not give older players the ability to get instant lv 30 account then. 15 minutes is not a big deal but when it happens frequently to many players then it becomes an issue. This is a huge waste that has been happening since dominion and no one seems to care enough to do something about it, like imagine you are a new player and it just so happens that you get matched with 4 bots on your team. It just ruins the immersion for the new players, which is if you think about it in part why the playerbase is in decline. There are really easy solutions to this problem and all it takes is that someone **STOPS SCRATCHING THEIR BALLS AND DO THEIR JOB**
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