Rito Autobans

It has come to my attention that rito has started to autoban, here's how it works, in the past there were actual people to review actual complaints, so if you were swearing and the like you got a strike against you until eventually a ban. While that was far from a perfect system it was tolerable. It was reasonably ok, but now they have gotten rid of people entirely, your conversations DO NOT get reviewed, if you are reported in a row the system will autoban you, and here's the funny part, it will give you the conversation you had in those 3 games. Now you look at the conversation for all the games and there isn't even a swear word in there, no bullying, just basic talk. It becomes very clear that they are nothing but bot banning. So say goodbye to your accounts because any report at all will stack up until you get banned out of the game. Game 1 Tactrix: good for us Tactrix: bad for them Tactrix: lol yea Tactrix: no we are blue side Tactrix: nj Tactrix: nj Tactrix: wtb tank who actually fuckin tanks Tactrix: malph thats twice in a row they went in on us and u just stood there Tactrix: should what? Tactrix: speak english Tactrix: really what Tactrix: i did nearly full dmg to him Tactrix: report him Tactrix: not my fault ur gonna get banned after this game Tactrix: by being a worthless player Tactrix: everyone report him for no coop with team Tactrix: and toxic Tactrix: plz report malph completely useless and refuses to play with team Tactrix: we only blamed you for what was your fault not on us if you suck Tactrix: how many times did u gank bot? Tactrix: oh tahts right none Tactrix: he talks a lot since he doesnt actually do anything in the game, he can run his mouth all game instead Tactrix: keep talking malph its all ur good for Tactrix: we dont have a team Tactrix: we have 4 people Tactrix: 2 of whome spend the whole game crying Tactrix: because malph is too retareded to play Tactrix: and nid is just too focused on feeding them all Tactrix: LOL look at chmp dmg at the end of the game fail malph Tactrix: and then shut ur mouth and go back to bots where u belong Tactrix: thats the problem ur not playing as a tank Tactrix: ur just sitting back and doing nothing Tactrix: see what i mean Tactrix: hes the tank that sits in the back Tactrix: doesnt ult Tactrix: does do shit Tactrix: just sits behind our entire line Tactrix: and does nothing Tactrix: the second u stop feeding the enemy team Tactrix: malph compared to u everyone is amazing Tactrix: those minions are amazing Tactrix: hey malph if u spent as much time playing as u do running ur mouth u might win ever Tactrix: yea because u play 2 games a year Tactrix: and get carried in 1 of them Tactrix: report malph toxic and worthless Game 2 Tactrix: so support poppy Tactrix: should be fun Tactrix: we dont actually have a wall to get hit into Tactrix: so that will be easy Tactrix: we dont have a top now Tactrix: saving for a BF? Tactrix: have u ever even played trist before? Tactrix: yea i have Tactrix: which is why i have kills while u dont Tactrix: u didnt even ult Tactrix: u werent CCed they hit me Tactrix: close Tactrix: ok and u just sit there while they destroy sion Tactrix: ... Tactrix: nj Tactrix: no do something Tactrix: do AA Tactrix: anything to try to help Tactrix: heres the lesson you should take away from all this Tactrix: dont play ranked Tactrix: go do a bunch of normals Tactrix: because u have no clue how to adc Tactrix: yup just keep feeding its what ur good at Tactrix: 5 times? Tactrix: because u seem to have a lot of excuses Tactrix: no skill Tactrix: but a lot of excuses Tactrix: take ur own advice Tactrix: yes u do sound like a retard Tactrix: lol when the person whos so bad at ADC they don't know that they're bad tries to talk its hilarious Tactrix: no you'd be way worse Tactrix: you could be as bad as u are Tactrix: meanwhile trist does... nothing Tactrix: as usual Tactrix: u werent at base Tactrix: but nice try liar Tactrix: i just saw u at the turret Tactrix: whatever liar Tactrix: i have some Tactrix: unlike ur dumb ass Tactrix: who cant even do anything Tactrix: yea can you spell loser? because thats what u are Tactrix: easy Tactrix: your playing Tactrix: yea i know Tactrix: gg report trist for being toxic and useless Tactrix: its a fact you are useless Game 3 Tactrix: for u dying? Tactrix: u died on your own Tactrix: it had nothing to do with me Tactrix: no u died because u went in afterward against 3 Tactrix: thats on u Tactrix: thats because u play in bronze Tactrix: go for it Tactrix: nj varus Tactrix: guys its retard varus, its called a hybrid u moron Tactrix: yea when urs adc goes mid because hes uselss sure lets call it feeding 1v2 Tactrix: you are bronze Tactrix: you Tactrix: do you? Tactrix: is still crying? Tactrix: i muted him ages ago Tactrix: gg Those are the chat logs.

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