Toxic player solution

So, one of the only reasons that I do not play ranked is because of how aggressive other players are and how toxic they become during game. I of course report just as everyone else does - but I honestly do not feel like my reports do anything. I am sure that Riot receives thousands of reports of players and has to review all of them - but there's just no way of knowing whether or not my reporting people is effective at all. In fast food chains, there is a thing called mystery shoppers. They are "customers" that are paid by a company hired by the fast food chain to go and have a free lunch and then grade the location based on the food, correctness of the order, service overall, and cleanliness of the location. I think it would actually be a pretty good idea to incorporate something like that in league of legends. I know that the reporting system is already in place - but again I have no idea on how effective it is, and as far as I can tell all the other players I talk to have the same complaint. They want to report toxic players but they have no idea if it's even worth the hassle of reporting when there's no way of knowing if anything was done about it. I think it would be a really smart idea to have "mystery shoppers" in game. Riot employees in smurf of dummy accounts, and playing in game, then creating more effective reports on players while seeing first hand in game what is going on. It would erase a lot of time with employees having to go back through the game chat and game recording just to find out WHERE the incident happened. Most games are 25+ min, so it would be more effective that way. Or even having normal players that don't have a history of bans or chat restrictions, and with honor level of 3 or above (just an example, could be a different level) - and then just paying players in blue essence or orange essence. A reward system that encourages players to both behave and report other toxic players could actually lower the amount of toxic players in the game pretty significantly. I have been playing for about 8 months or so, and I didn't get ranked last season because every single game was toxic. I literally could not get through one game without someone being toxic. I understand that I can mute all - but when it comes to ranked games, it's pretty important to be able to communicate with your team during the game for different objectives. Besides, muting all doesn't remove the problem and then other people have to deal with it still. I don't feel that solves anything. Anyways. I hope this is something that can be implemented. I really do think that it would be very helpful and effective.
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