Can we do more to raise awareness about these "Free skins" scams?

Riot, There is an epidemic of account stealing in this game. Whilst it has not tricked me I maintain a large friends list and on a daily occurrence run into at least one PM of "Free skins! FREE RP! GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND PUT IN YOUR PASSWORD TO YOUR ACCOUNT!!!!" Clearly people are falling for this, it disgusts me that there isn't more of an effort to spread awareness that riot games will never PM you with special deals, nor will any website ever be linked outside of the main screens of the client. I'm not saying people are particularly intelligent who fall for this, but I'm not going to pretend like naivety deserves punishment. Clearly a little education could be used and some information campaigns could be very useful. Something on the load screen like Blizzard does.. maybe a tips on the start of the game, a warning message in grey font whenever ".com" or ".net" or anything similar, including with spaces, is detected by a macro chat read engine? it's kind of unheard of in the Multiplayer gaming community to not have awareness campaigns for this sort of thing. from MMOs to team shoots and hack and slash games there are almost universally "Hey guys be really cautious about putting your account info anywhere" posts that you'll see at least once a gaming session, without being interrupting or invasive.
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