How can i get banned for this. I mean they triggered me and wrote something aswell. :c

Game 1 In-Game ˆRengar: feed ˆRengar: cool ˆRengar: gj ˆRengar: skarnber ˆRengar: feed my lane aswell france %%%%%% ? ˆRengar: stfu? ˆRengar: im done ˆRengar: skarner just feeds my lane ˆRengar: im done with this agme ˆRengar: push mid+ ˆRengar: xD kys ˆRengar: i mean you cant even 1 vs 1 me ˆRengar: just dont write anythinng ˆRengar: one of the xD players ˆRengar: xDDDD ˆRengar: getting killed by someone else ˆRengar: xDDDDD ˆRengar: XDD ˆRengar: now know what i mean ? ˆRengar: its just not funny to write xD after someone looses a fight ˆRengar: 10 ˆRengar: 7all your age and your year ˆRengar: your age and your iq ˆRengar: idc anymore ˆRengar: for what my kda is better ˆRengar: hmm legit 10 ˆRengar: how can we win with no cc ˆRengar: the only good player in my team is draven ˆRengar: tris finish xD ˆRengar: thx skarner for helping me out ˆRengar: xD ? ˆRengar: :D ˆRengar: XD ˆRengar: xDD ˆRengar: galios iq ? ˆRengar: its so low it broke the game ˆRengar: I SAID IT ˆRengar: 100 TIMES ˆRengar: gj ˆRengar: panth can ult on nexus Post-Game ˆRengar: Xdß ˆRengar: sry that i didnt die on drake fight ˆRengar: yea report me ˆRengar: :D ˆRengar: have a nice one I wasnt afk . I had a not bad kda and was just triggered . Why someone just talk france when noone understands him .
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