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Let me start by saying, a year or two back I was having a really rough time, I was not a pleasant person. I received some warnings for being toxic in league that were very well deserved. I was a dick and deserved the chat restrictions as well as one temporary ban that I received. I quit the game for a while to figure out some stuff with my life, get to a better place. League wasn't the only place I was toxic, and I needed to fix that. So I did, I made great strides to improve myself as a person, and I feel like I truly made progress. I recently came back to league of legends and was doing really great, I rarely talked in games, mostly used pings. When I did talk it was to try to encourage my team, not to tear them down. Onto the point, a couple days ago my step mother (who I consider basically my other mother, as she played a strong role in raising me) died while I was visiting. Without too much details I literally walked in to see her dead on the bathroom floor. This was not a state I should have been playing league in, but I think to try to get my mind off it, I attempted to play a few games yesterday. All was well for the first few, and then the last game someone said something to me and I will admit, in my instability, I snapped. Although I didn't use racial slurs or threats, I did make the game an extremely toxic experience for all those involved. They did not deserve that, and I wish I could apologize. I am not saying my situation gave me a right to act the way I did, just that I definitely wasn't my normal self. That said. I suppose this report ran concurrent with those I received many many moons ago when I was in an overall darker place. This account is now permabanned. I'm not asking for handouts, merely wondering if there is any way for me to prove I am not the person I once was and get this account unbanned, even if its on an extremely tight leash. I do not plan on being reported/toxic in league ever again, not just because of the punishment system, but because it's unfair to the people in the game with me. I hate it when people do it to me, so why would I do it to them. This was an isolated incident in relation to the person I am today. If a tragic event were to occur (and it most likely will at some point) I will find "safer" ways to keep my mind off of it. But I would do just about anything to get this account unbanned, however I can prove that I will be an asset to the league community, not a sore on it.
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