AFK Farming Jungle a bannable offense?

So, i was playing a Blind match where I picked fill and eventually got jungle. As I didn't have any champions, I picked Xin. I am not really used to playing someone like Xin so I am really terrible at him. Rather than feeding my ass off ganking people, I just decided to farm until I got 6. They didn't have a Jungler so I went in their jungle getting 4 manned and twice in my own jungle. Making me the good ol' 0/4 Xin player. #MorgOP. Anyways, nobody had a problem till then. Until, this Ahri comes to Blue and tries to take it. I was already behind. Like, really really behind so I just smited it. boi, worst decision of my life. She tilted 180 degrees and went on full Spam ping mode. "yep reporting xin and cait for int and toxic" But what can you do, I was 0/4 and she was 7/0 so I didn't have any space to say anything anyways. Now, she's carrying the game and Flaming me for every single mistake I make. eventually, (Guess he was her premade) renekton joined in the Spam ping competition. Dies mid, getting 4 manned near the Blue side Raptors. I guess it was kinda douche of me to just do Raptors near while he was getting anal raped but I wasn't gonna suicide in a 1v4. Another bad decision. renekton: "report xin" me: "Why?" ren: "farming jungle" me: "not a bannable offense" ren: "you suck at a lv 13 game" me: "you're being toxic" ren: "shut up and farm" "12 year old kid" me: "still being toxic" "Now that's bannable" ren: "shut up x2" me: "STILL being toxic" ren: "shut up x3" Ahri: "report xin - int and toxic" ren: "reporting xin toxic and feed" Wait, how did it come to this? I just wanted to ask if Farming jungle until you became strong enough to shit on people was a offense. I can see why it's annoying but that was the only choice I had. If I'd come anywhere near the Front line, i'd get stunned and eventually destroyed. Sorry if this seems a bit rammbly. I wrote this in a hurry and didn't re-read it for shit

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