Riot should fix their punishment system

Waaaay too harsh. Being serious here, too harsh. After a few punishments, i tried to stay tilt proof, chill and nice. But i had a bad day, and one bad game. People called me trash, i told them to shut up. I begin to que for next game. I get notified. I've been suspended. Okay, i get it. I've been toxic a little while ago an- fucking perm ban. By the way, i should mention, two of the punishments were mistakes made by the system. I know because i had talked to a rioter about them. and guess what? Mistakes by the system can't be reversed if you've had last negativity. Wtf!? Isn't the point of going to support to fix mistakes like that? And if you aren't going to fix mistakes made by the system then why is there a support at all? Seriously, it's like you want us to get perm banned. One game shouldn't result in a perm, even if there has been past negativity too. I feel a perm should be meant only for the huge problems. Like pre-reformes tyler one. For people like me, especially when two of them, confirmed by a rioter, were mistakes, i shouldn't be getting this. I should be getting things like short suspensions, 40 minute wait time, hour wait time, etc. Or even a permanent loss of speaking in chat. Feel free to write down your ideas below of what riot should do instead of the current punishment system. It's highly unfair.

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