First time to get reported in a game and i get a 5 chat restriction? really for defending myself in a game? Every game i am usually always positive and always start off by saying glhf 1 to everyone. But of course we all join a game where they're others that like to be toxic to you for no reason. Almost all my games prior to this have been honored atleast for something and you know WHAT I've been at level 2 honor forever to level up in honor is the biggest load of bull shit i've ever seen in my god damn life. YOU CAN BE HONORED AND POSITIVE EVERY GAME for 500 million games and hardly even get to a god damn check point!!!! But when you are salty in 1 game and that is for defending my self i get a 5 chat restriction and back at honor level 1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BULL SHIT SYSTEM. JUST AN EXAMPLE HOW BAD THIS INSTANT FEEDBACK REPORT SYSTEM IS, I JOINED A GAME WITH THREE RACIST PLAYERS IN THE MATCH THEY WERE ALL SAYING N*GGER THIS N*GGER THAT AND I TOLD THEM I'm GOING TO REPORT THEM FOR BEING RACIST, THEY LAUGHED AT ME AND TOLD ME TO DO SO WHICH I DID, AND YOU KNOW WHAT NOTHING HAPPENED THEY GOT ZERO PUNISHMENT!! YES I HAVE THE CHAT LOG AND THAT GAME SAVED SO WAITING FOR ANY RIOT SUPPORT OR WHATEVER THEY HAVE ON FORUMS TO MESSAGE ME ON THIS POST.

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