Fake cheating

Recently, i played a few games quiet well, and i come across this a few time before as well, sometimes salty players on the enemy team, will say in /all that i was cheating, which never have, or would ever. It at the most recent time when a player i played against, accused me of doing this, he was duo with someone else in the enemy team and they both started to accuse me of hacking, he even went on to say that, i was his room mate, for some reason (Idk why) but anyhow they telling everyone to report me for hacking, and because i was in there team or something (not sure what they where trying with that really). Now i am not at all concerned i will get banned for hacking, since never did, and i assume these where just two kids, based on how they spoke, though it brings up the question, is this actions displayed by these two kids (people) punishable? I did sent a simple report after game, about them, however doubt anything will be done about, though i don't really care if anything does/ or does not.
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