Banned for trying to get a BOTTER reported

Game 1 In-Game BoutThatIron: lool BoutThatIron: u getting demod by dasrius with 3 regen rings BoutThatIron: xD BoutThatIron: new too teemo BoutThatIron: 4 farm and 2 deaths in seconds lets go BoutThatIron: soynds teemo life BoutThatIron: dead xD BoutThatIron: its fun watching BoutThatIron: 12 farm BoutThatIron: 0-3 BoutThatIron: xD BoutThatIron: he has 12% win rate BoutThatIron: hahahah BoutThatIron: 0-4 already BoutThatIron: lets goo BoutThatIron: you must like teemo BoutThatIron: worst champ in game :p BoutThatIron: good let him BoutThatIron: he getting banned anyways BoutThatIron: 0-5 u feel good teemo BoutThatIron: feel fresh BoutThatIron: he botting BoutThatIron: either not real person or has 0 skill BoutThatIron: i thjink its a computeer BoutThatIron: ill do it for u and bot BoutThatIron: usually id give ppl like teemo a loss to make them fo back to iron 5 BoutThatIron: yaaa BoutThatIron: teemo account already been reported on support BoutThatIron: after game il lreport again BoutThatIron: 31 farm BoutThatIron: might as well of went afk teemo BoutThatIron: fck he cant do anything BoutThatIron: 0-8 that fast BoutThatIron: how do you play? BoutThatIron: and haf fun BoutThatIron: honestly BoutThatIron: id hate my life BoutThatIron: yup BoutThatIron: let him die he is just here BoutThatIron: ;P BoutThatIron: teemo afk finally BoutThatIron: after 0-10 yay BoutThatIron: extra ban BoutThatIron: there ya go teemo BoutThatIron: you got it BoutThatIron: haha BoutThatIron: naw its over ez you not see teeemo BoutThatIron: this why u ban him this low elo BoutThatIron: u crazy but ok BoutThatIron: 4v6 baby lets go BoutThatIron: report teemo plz gg wp BoutThatIron: his account is botting its not a personm BoutThatIron: he is botting BoutThatIron: 12% w/r teemo mean its u every game... BoutThatIron: why not just try BoutThatIron: ehh i hope BoutThatIron: its 4v6 BoutThatIron: he cany he only attacks darius whom he does nothing too :p BoutThatIron: its long over went in with zyra there for a triple for them BoutThatIron: you can carry ppl that try BoutThatIron: teemo isnt a person im tellling you BoutThatIron: he a computer BoutThatIron: lvling up a accnt BoutThatIron: its called botting BoutThatIron: just sent 2 support tickets in for teemos account BoutThatIron: 30 mins he has a item lets go boys BoutThatIron: dont l;et botting teemo say no yes plz BoutThatIron: report his account BoutThatIron: its not real person unfortunetly Post-Game BoutThatIron: report teemo BoutThatIron: he is a bot, not a real person unfortunetly BoutThatIron: report his account for botting BoutThatIron: not a person Game 2 Pre-Game BoutThatIron: ? BoutThatIron: yee they ad heavy In-Game BoutThatIron: rough BoutThatIron: some1 has too :p BoutThatIron: help BoutThatIron: or not BoutThatIron: yup BoutThatIron: there or when your back BoutThatIron: no assist :p BoutThatIron: ? BoutThatIron: ;) BoutThatIron: :p BoutThatIron: gg BoutThatIron: lol BoutThatIron: bronze life BoutThatIron: loosing to yi BoutThatIron: your guys cs tells you your bronze BoutThatIron: 60 on adc BoutThatIron: gg BoutThatIron: your all death 6 plus times dont pin g lmfao BoutThatIron: good BoutThatIron: dont ward BoutThatIron: die no1 cares XD BoutThatIron: only wards on map are shrroms BoutThatIron: you can ward and play lmfao BoutThatIron: i know malph new but daym BoutThatIron: next patch ap malph is gone BoutThatIron: na BoutThatIron: we need a tank g BoutThatIron: he a malph BoutThatIron: gets melted lmfao BoutThatIron: did u flash BoutThatIron: LOL BoutThatIron: hahah BoutThatIron: sucks to be a squishy malph BoutThatIron: dont matter its over long ago BoutThatIron: open mid BoutThatIron: fiz u have 9 deaths BoutThatIron: lol BoutThatIron: who cares BoutThatIron: ya go for kill BoutThatIron: iron 2 stuff BoutThatIron: hahaha BoutThatIron: gg BoutThatIron: thjey inted long ago its all werth BoutThatIron: :p BoutThatIron: i can BoutThatIron: its shen 2.0 BoutThatIron: try hav BoutThatIron: try having a team with all 11 deaths xD gg BoutThatIron: turrets are falling and 3 chase shen :p BoutThatIron: gg wp BoutThatIron: i love watch people brains play BoutThatIron: their thought processes Post-Game BoutThatIron: best part of being pycologist BoutThatIron: playing games and seeing where peoples brains works i was trying to help not toxic, he was cheating using a bot program asked to get him reported
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