Champ select trolls. When are we going to start taking action against this?

Now, I'm going to start this post by saying that I don't have hard proof of the following exchange. If you think this is made up, that I invite you to leave now and continue browsing the boards. However, I am not one to waste my time making up fake scenarios, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. Even if you don't believe me, this is a serious problem regardless. Champ select trolls. Ah, champ select trolls. We've all had that moment where we enter champion select, ready to win or else just have a fun game. Then one of your teammates proudly announces that he is going to troll, and bans one of your teams highlighted champions. This puts you in somewhat of a dilemma. Do you just decide to bite the bullet and deal with the 6 min queue timer and the 3 LP loss (or much more, if you've already dodged today.), or do you play out the game, believing that the "troll" is just trying to make someone dodge and has no intentions of actually ruining the game. I think that a lot of players would choose option 1 if they haven't already dodged that same day. But here's the issue: if you dodge, that person will not get penalized at all and ruin the game for another group of people that decide to actually play out the game. Now, here's where some of you might be saying "But OP, if you just screenshot the chat logs and send them to Riot, then they will get penalized!" Now, I'm no expert on Riot's punishment system, but I can say with confidence that unless these people did or said something really, really bad, it's unlikely that Riot will take action at all. Banning your teammates champion is not against the rules. A total douchebag move, yes, but not against the rules, and I'm not saying that it should be. Some people ban their teammates champs by complete accident, others ban highly contested champs like Yasuo if the person is last pick or close. Banning a teammates champion is certainly not a good way to start off the game, but it isn't against the rules. So, let's move on to the classic champ select troll method, stating that they are trolling with the intent of getting someone to dodge. Some will even say it outright. "dodge or I troll." However, assuming that someone does, indeed, dodge, even screenshotted chat logs won't get you anything. Riot's logic seems to be "If they didn't actually troll, they didn't do anything wrong." Therefore, people have found that they are perfectly fine to queue up for a game with the intention of making someone else dodge, as long as the game doesn't go through. Some of these "trolls" will drop it as soon as they get into the game and try to pass it off as a joke. However, are you willing to take the chance that the troll is bluffing? Personally, as someone who takes ranked fairly seriously, I would not. Now, onto the exchange that I had in champ select. Support: *hovers Lulu* Mid: *bans Lulu* ADC: Why would you ban Lulu? He was even first pick. Mid: Look at me. Mid: Do you see me giving a f--k? ADC: ??? Mid: You care more about rank than you do about me. Mid: Go cry to Riot, they won't do anything. Mid: Go b-tch to your friends about how bad this community is. Me: Someone dodge please. ADC: Okay, I'm not even going to say anything anymore. Bye. Mid: Let's see how fast I can make you guys lose. Mid: *picks Janna* Mid: First blood at two minutes incoming! Prepare to lose mother f---kers. At this point, I dodged. I attempted to screenshot the chat logs before leaving, less so to show to Riot and more so to post on the boards and prove my point, but I realized that my screenshot program that I use wasn't open. I tried to open it, but before I could I noticed that there was ten seconds left before the game started. so I simply clicked back into LoL and dodged. Some of you may have said "just play out the game, if they actually troll report them." If this was a normal game, I would have done just that. But this was ranked, and I was only a few games away from Gold promos, so I dodged. This form of trolling has been a problem for years, and, as far as I can tell, the only outcome is losing time and LP. Some method to combat this behavior MUST be implemented. Trolling in champ select is not very different from trolling in-game, which results in a 14 day ban, or later, a permaban. Why is this any different?
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