What to do with people who claim "I am not going to be banned"?

I am not flaming or anything but, what do I do other than report him? Last game I was with someone who "claims" to be angry at riot and was trolling from minute 1. like waiting for last hits jg switches spells to smite to claim buffs uses a wall to block me from killing and blocks me to get me killed (anivia). when I was trying to get information from him he said I won't be banned. and said I have been doing this for months if this is correct he must have screwed the mood of hundreds of people. that is one person what about the rest of the people who are like him? even if only 10 existed that's thousands of players >< a month Again I am not flaming I am just sad to play with such players. I wish there could be some solution to such players. Cheer me up, please!
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