NO experience players.

HI, I am writing this to Riot , and I would like to get an answer. Division are really impossible to overcome if you play your favorite characters and alone. I dont have a team and A LOT OF people dont have team as well. Many of us play blind pick and because of that we have so much difficulties during the play. Riot basically creates an environment where players generate increased amount of anger during the game play which affects their health and whole life. 1. You allow people who have no experience playing ranked even Iron or bronze, making it impossible for players to get out of the leag or too hard, not because of their level of experience but because other players either (1. Feed. 2. Have no experience. 3. AFK or any other reasons.) Usually 9 out of 10 games during blind pick and solo there we get something like that. MANY PLAYERS play blind pick and dont have team. MANY. Yet you seem to ignore that fact. 2. After a loss of a game player in real life feels enormous amount of lost energy during 30-50 minute of a game player plus generated negative energy does bad for the health of player. (very bad) Headache and so on. Every player can approve this. You are basically killing the health of people. This isnt like a sport where you can show respect to the opposite side agree of a loss and get some experience from a loss. No, this inst, because there is no experience gained when people feed, afk, or just dont know how to play because ranking match up is terrible. You did good job on punishing AFKERS but you do no good for everything else. 1. No experience players should only be allowed to non ranked games untill a like level 60 -70 atleast so the games in ranked become enjoyable and everyone understands what to do. 2. After loss of a game there should be something that would make player feel good, not only bad. You are making money(RIOT) of us and give 0 fucks about our health not realizing, you are killing your own people. There is enough man power to work on this aspect in your company. so be kind and do something about it. Player needs to feel good after he loses or wins the game. Good meaning, he respects the loss and not feel bad angry because of someone knowing that he could win if correct team was in action. <**Removed by Moderation**>
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