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so are ppl now getting banned for players being toxic to them and responding? i just got out of a 2 wk ban and was reformed i wasnt trying to be toxic or mean or anything but since my account was back i played a total of 3 games where there were players who were being toxic to me and i responded back even tho i shouldnt have can i plz have someone look into this i copied the things i said but cant get what others have said to me i know they are bad(my texts) but i really dont want this perma ban and if so i can i opt for a different ban? game 1 i had a toxic top and jg which was a darius top and eve jg game 2 i had a inting teemo supp game 3 was a toxic ez jg Game 1 JimBrooski: wait does cleanse stop my ult? JimBrooski: ok JimBrooski: that woulda been too op of a spell JimBrooski: that would mean all spells and cc is void JimBrooski: missed it JimBrooski: canu stay? JimBrooski: ur scared asf JimBrooski: ur playing with fear JimBrooski: but i got u JimBrooski: so JimBrooski: u got all talk JimBrooski: 3 ganks in a row JimBrooski: then what did u just have!!?!?! JimBrooski: u had vi and brand come mid JimBrooski: vi came twice JimBrooski: u still had them come mid JimBrooski: ur a pussy JimBrooski: bs JimBrooski: bro JimBrooski: polz camp JimBrooski: like every 10 sec vi coming mid JimBrooski: dude plz she gave me 2 games ur on ur 6th JimBrooski: ganks* JimBrooski: yea im done JimBrooski: like lux was right behind me JimBrooski: so no e or q? JimBrooski: we had that JimBrooski: i do JimBrooski: yall getting all the help JimBrooski: wtf about me JimBrooski: im done JimBrooski: diana getting nothing but help JimBrooski: im fucking done JimBrooski: HER WHOLE TEAM JimBrooski: IM GETTING NOTHING BUT GANKED JimBrooski: i got 3 JimBrooski: ppl coming mid JimBrooski: one the shitf change JimBrooski: waiting on form change JimBrooski: ee JimBrooski: she always getting hel;p JimBrooski: im getitng nothing JimBrooski: its the fact someone is helping diana all game JimBrooski: even before lane endend JimBrooski: brand came mmid twice JimBrooski: 9md one JimBrooski: eve taking every kill JimBrooski: nvm JimBrooski: im jg JimBrooski: idc right now JimBrooski: thats bs JimBrooski: u seee JimBrooski: i need kills JimBrooski: pl JimBrooski: ok since i cant get a kill for shit JimBrooski: ill be feeding then JimBrooski: i need something to be ahead JimBrooski: instead of behind JimBrooski: so fuck ut JimBrooski: im tilting JimBrooski: u been bot more than any where else JimBrooski: of course u dont se JimBrooski: u been mid twice thats it JimBrooski: i been gank 10 times JimBrooski: 3 by brand JimBrooski: 4 by vi JimBrooski: and then bot lane comes JimBrooski: bruf stfu diana JimBrooski: u had help all game JimBrooski: no u are JimBrooski: no u had help every 1v1 JimBrooski: u had brand coming mid JimBrooski: u had vi Game 2 JimBrooski: teemo act like we gave him a leash JimBrooski: dude JimBrooski: focus raka JimBrooski: wtf JimBrooski: we aint gonna win lane if u focus jinx JimBrooski: gotta take raka out JimBrooski: i cant win this lane JimBrooski: fucking trolling JimBrooski: I CANT JimBrooski: go a fucking real supp and not shit u seen in worlds JimBrooski: thats why i hate that shit JimBrooski: get out JimBrooski: just get out JimBrooski: gg JimBrooski: report teemo JimBrooski: plz report JimBrooski: leave bot JimBrooski: no JimBrooski: get out JimBrooski: im done JimBrooski: go mid JimBrooski: ur not at fault right now JimBrooski: stuipd ass teemo pick JimBrooski: like y troll JimBrooski: im done JimBrooski: fuck this teemo JimBrooski: didnt wanna say nothing in select but trolled bot is amazing JimBrooski: u did JimBrooski: teemo fucking supp never works JimBrooski: now she fed as fuck JimBrooski: plz JimBrooski: hit yes JimBrooski: im done JimBrooski: ty teemo JimBrooski: gg JimBrooski: ty fucking teemo JimBrooski: im reporting teemo JimBrooski: u trolled the lane JimBrooski: yes u did JimBrooski: going teemo supp is troll JimBrooski: YES IT IS JimBrooski: point blank JimBrooski: u trolled JimBrooski: no the problem was the pick JimBrooski: no teemo JimBrooski: explain JimBrooski: plz do JimBrooski: in what universe is teemo supp ok Game 3 JimBrooski: yea JimBrooski: a gank would be nice JimBrooski: that means ur not coming... heard JimBrooski: autos fizz?> JimBrooski: im done JimBrooski: get me something over illaoi or im done JimBrooski: that lvl 2 gank xin did fucked me JimBrooski: yea im ff JimBrooski: u aint did shit to help meout JimBrooski: goes eve and then doesnt do any early ganking JimBrooski: back fuck JimBrooski: ppl love to wait when they need to gank a lane

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