Proposal : Riot Redemption Program

First, Hi, I'm Rickets, and my LoL account was permabanned. I am not here to ask why, I know I was toxic and in hindsight was dumb to let people drag me into toxic behavior. I deserved most of the chat restrictions and the eventual ban I got. I would like to argue if Riot is willing to lift bans on someone such as Tyler1 who was actively banned on any account discovered he had, and even Jensen had a lifetime competitive ban lifted, why not let Average Joe Gamer have a chance to redeem themselves? (BTW, for those unaware, Jensen was banned for toxic chat, drop hacking, DDOS attacks, and even hacking individuals IP addresses and threatening them.) Reason why this would benefit Riot? It would give some players who have reformed a chance to regain lost goods and incentive to stay reformed. It could break the cycle of level, troll, get banned, level again. It would turn players who have no reason to invest and change their behavior into a group who have motivation to guide and instruct new players, rather than pubstomp and discourage them. But enough of my rambling about why I think it's a good idea, but how it can work. It largely would revolve around the Honor System. First, someone would have to create a new account linked to their banned one, and put their money where their mouth is, be willing to drop $40-50 into the account for service costs. Then you start a brand new account, all your actions logged and tied to what you've done in the past. If you've reformed and start gathering honor, once you hit Honor 5 the accounts merge. You can choose to keep your old account name or the new one and anything unlocked in either the old or new is available for your use. Bonuses to speed your redemption could be set up if you queue to "ghost" and essentially spectate games locked into the same view as a beginner player, able to chat and coach them in how to play and the newbie able to provide feedback to Riot, and of course your chat log is automatically reviewable to ensure you are helping new players learn. (While ghosting your chat would be only between you and the player, nobody else in the match.) While in this probationary stage and beyond, your account would naturally be on a very short leash. You would receive warnings about dishonor reports against you, and if you ever drop to honorless, kiss it all goodbye. Call me crazy, but this seems like a next logical step in reforming and altering the community from a toxic cesspool to a healthier and more welcoming community.

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