I got permabanned

I know what I said that got me permabanned I know why I got permabanned I don't really care They deserved it Here's the chat log if anybody wants a laugh Game 1 In-Game 11Ðreams: o nice 11Ðreams: global e 11Ðreams: because reasons 11Ðreams: her e hit me literallly 20 miles behind her 11Ðreams: outplayed 11Ðreams: cant land a stun but thats ok 11Ðreams: mb 11Ðreams: lol 11Ðreams: lol shitter\ cnat 1v1 11Ðreams: scared trash nic 11Ðreams: nid* 11Ðreams: pinged them back 11Ðreams: but u were meleeing the turret 11Ðreams: so it was free for them 11Ðreams: trash leo' 11Ðreams: nice r 11Ðreams: nice bot turret leo 11Ðreams: getting shit on and emoting 11Ðreams: i wonder where nid is 11Ðreams: 0/2 11Ðreams: zzz 11Ðreams: u hard counter me and u cant even kill me 11Ðreams: loool 11Ðreams: land an ability shitter\ 11Ðreams: u havent landed a single stun 11Ðreams: trasshhhh 11Ðreams: how about u keep ur side turrets from going down instead of camping me 11Ðreams: trash ass nid 11Ðreams: lmaooo 11Ðreams: she and leo have come mid without landing anything at least 4 times now 11Ðreams: garbage day 11Ðreams: 3 mid 11Ðreams: me 11Ðreams: me 11Ðreams: send 4 to defend bot loool 11Ðreams: hes got his crutch lol 11Ðreams: looool 11Ðreams: shitters\ so obsessed with me 11Ðreams: hahahaha 11Ðreams: so bad 11Ðreams: imagine unironically saying "toxic" 11Ðreams: get a thicker skin pussy\ 11Ðreams: whos the silver who banned yas anyway 11Ðreams: traaaash 11Ðreams: ahahyhahaha 11Ðreams: cant land r 11Ðreams: ahhahaha 11Ðreams: only when your trash asses\ 4v1, stunlock, and save your flashes for only me 11Ðreams: hahahhaha 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: so bad 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: silver trash 11Ðreams: uninstall 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: garbage pussy\ banned yas 11Ðreams: hahahhahhh 3v1 still died 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: Trash 11Ðreams: Trash 11Ðreams: so insanely bad 11Ðreams: then why dont you build ga shitter\ 11Ðreams: havent answered the question 11Ðreams: who's the pussy\ silver who banned yas 11Ðreams: mute button pussy\ 11Ðreams: 7/10 dont talk 11Ðreams: here comes the 5v1 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: oh look i showed mid wheres the entire team gonna show up 11Ðreams: loooool 11Ðreams: panic buttons 11Ðreams: Trash 11Ðreams: wheres ur inhibs 11Ðreams: following me everywhere has been working real good for you shitters\ 11Ðreams: except getting the entire enemy team to follow me everywhere to "teach me a lesson" for all chatting 11Ðreams: lmaoooo 11Ðreams: Trash 11Ðreams: ? 11Ðreams: int 11Ðreams: ? 11Ðreams: nice stun retard 11Ðreams: imagine 1tricking heim and being this bad 11Ðreams: GG U AHVE THE MEAQ 11Ðreams: MAQ 11Ðreams: AHHAHAHAH Post-Game 11Ðreams: silver trash scared of yas bans yas 11Ðreams: hahahahahahahahhaha 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: trash 11Ðreams: silver 11Ðreams: trahs 11Ðreams: hahahahhah

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