Trolls not banned/ false ban from false reports. riot employees please check my ban history 4 proof

Getting trolls nearly 80% of ranked games in 3v3. The same trolls even multiple times in a day or in a row. And they queue together even. I literally have to wait 5 minutes before queueing again due to fear of getting the same trolls. after getting matched with nearly all trolls and they all report me I got falsely banned. It was clearly an automated ban as the game I got banned for was the very game I just played and I was in queue for 20 minutes until I realized I was banned. I didn't say a single swear word or racial remark. clearly after 100 or so reports in a row it auto bans. asked for an appeal never got response. anyway to the main point. Why can trolls who literally say "im trolling" in champion select then feed and follow me all game to take cs and spam emotes not get banned... after 5 reports in one day but all they have to do is say "this guy is trolling" then after 50 games with trolls im banned. Sometimes I cant even report them due to stats not loading. Ive seen the same afk 10 times throughout a week. Riot really needs to evaluate their report system. These trolls do the same thing every time. either spam swear words or afk and try to take kills so i look worse on the scoreboard then say im the troll. the troll problem is so bad in 3v3 that innocent veterans of the community are now getting banned due to 100s of trolls working together to mass report the non trolls. and since inevitably ill do bad when they feed 5 kills off the bat it literally looks like im trolling with dozens of losses in a row. what I don't get is how the other teams aren't getting the trolls. clearly there is an algorithm. ive even had people feed running into tower then when I faced them the next game they try. They stage the chat and behavior of the game to look like they aren't trolling. Its more then just "elo hell" as no matter how good I do I cant carry 2v3s or 1v3s when its 80% of games. and then my elo keeps going down and down until its only trolls I get matched with.
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