Trolls not punished, and their teammates get banned.

Trolls, as in people intentionally screwing around and planning on losing, but not intentionally feeding. Wonderfully, because Riot just doesn't seem to care about this behavior, mainly sense it is unquantifiable, they run around ranked with near impunity. So instead of working on a way to punish them, are banning their teammates. Now, being toxic is always against the rules, of course. But honestly, cussing someone out when they are intentionally throwing a ranked game and trolling in chat should not be punished. It may be a lapse in judgement, but it does not mean that player is a cancer to the community like the troll is. Again, I'm talking about cussing out TROLLS, not someone who loses lane 0/4 because they got dove. So basically in 2017, trolls will join a ranked game, act innocent according to riot in chat, intentionally lose the game without feeding, and then report the people who flame them and convince the other team to do so as well. Result? Multiple die hard, non-toxic players being banned as the result of single trolls.
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