I'm going to sleep well tonight.

Was just trying to play a normal game. Went JG. Few mins in our mid died to a gank, and a min later he died a second and third time to the same JG sitting in his bush who he took the bait of. He then went and took it out and flamed me, then decided to go ahead and "run down mid" to feed the leblanc and jax around 10-12 kills. He completely ruined this game for everyone in it. He constantly bragged about how he would not get punished because the system doesn't work the way that myself and the top laner thought it did. He later revealed to us in the post game lobby that the bot lane was in a trio with him and they honored him so that he would not get a punishment. He then started to brag about it in the post game chat. Then this happened 5 mins after I sent the report in. Thank you riot.
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