Perma banned after 6 years...

Not gonna argue, by looking at all the things I said I deserve it. 2 months ago I got 14 day suspension for racism and now for toxicity. I was not just reckless I was angry and wasn't thinking straight. I feel kinda sad for the account but still it's not the end of the world, I guess it's time I try working on myself and my behaviour. I'm gonna miss all the summoner icons I collected over the years and the Noxus icon that will probably never again be avaliable... Overall 900$ in account but money isn't the problem to me really, however my biggest regret is that I was so close to 1,000,000 points on {{champion:122}} (950,000k) I just wanted to say to everyone that it's not worth flaming, especially if you are playing on account for a long time like me and in the end you will lose it. It is not the worst thing that can happend but still losing account after 6 years doesn't fell good. I flamed too much and I kinda can blame the bulking steroid i am on atm that has a aggression as a side effects, but still saying stuff I said in a online video game? There's just no justifying that. Just makes ME look like a kid and a pu**y. The support is not giving me my account back so I'm glad that at least I have another old lv30 account, and I'm gonna make sure I have a nice fresh start and keep playing clean. Get those skins back up and reach plat (hopefully) by the end of the season. This is probably gonna be my last post on this account so catch y'all later and don't flame, don't turn out like me EDIT: I'm gonna add chat logs just so you can see how stupid I was.... Game 1 2DunksFromHell: great 2DunksFromHell: jesus fcking christ 2DunksFromHell: afk 2DunksFromHell: WTF ARE YOU DOING 2DunksFromHell: RETARD 2DunksFromHell: !?=!??!?! 2DunksFromHell: yea 2DunksFromHell: be quiet 2DunksFromHell: little pussy 2DunksFromHell: yea better gank again noob 2DunksFromHell: enjoy report 2DunksFromHell: no reason man 2DunksFromHell: free report 2DunksFromHell: this trundle already triggered me 2DunksFromHell: ur adding fuel to the fire 2DunksFromHell: classic IKEA clan tag sweden pussies 2DunksFromHell: thats why refugees are rapeing their woman 2DunksFromHell: what a noob champ this cammile 2DunksFromHell: love the way she engages like a big girl and then runs like a b1tch with E 2DunksFromHell: also free report fam 2DunksFromHell: ok now im really reporting you lol 2DunksFromHell: like for real 2DunksFromHell: tell me about it 2DunksFromHell: good thing this pussyass cammile couldnt 1v1 early 2DunksFromHell: fcking weak people grow some balls %%%%s 2DunksFromHell: lb u are crying because u died once 2DunksFromHell: just by that 2DunksFromHell: i can see you are a weak 2DunksFromHell: i'd love to bash ur head in wall 2DunksFromHell: yea 2DunksFromHell: ezreal 2DunksFromHell: dont ff 2DunksFromHell: idiot 2DunksFromHell: thresh classic swedish brainwashed feminized %%%% 2DunksFromHell: refugees welcome, the rape capital of europe is all the words i need 2DunksFromHell: yea 2DunksFromHell: but dont ff man 2DunksFromHell: we can win 2DunksFromHell: get a life man 2DunksFromHell: warwick 1v1 2DunksFromHell: wtf u didnt die? Game 2 2DunksFromHell: oh ffs 2DunksFromHell: ofc 2DunksFromHell: noob 2DunksFromHell: top lost 2DunksFromHell: run pussyy 2DunksFromHell: yup 2DunksFromHell: keep talking 2DunksFromHell: u already are reported 2DunksFromHell: pussy cant 1v1 anymore? 2DunksFromHell: no life tryharding in lol? 2DunksFromHell: damn 2DunksFromHell: get laid buddy 2DunksFromHell: just ff 2DunksFromHell: and we pretend like this game never happend 2DunksFromHell: run pussy 2DunksFromHell: u were to tough before I was lv6 lol 2DunksFromHell: look at u now xD 2DunksFromHell: you are jax lol 2DunksFromHell: and ur gay premade camped 2DunksFromHell: gg easy
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