Plz stop rubbing my nose in being bad... im trying.

Ok so... i play a lot of games both by myself and with friends. i had a challenger friend who carried me for a ton of games in a row, then when i played on my own, my elo was way way way over what i could handle cuz i got creamed really badly and people were accusing me of playing bad on purpose and im like no... i suck... blame my friends for raising my elo... and then they were like you gave someone your account to boost you?! and im like no i didnt say that, they just carried me. X_X; why would anyone cheat to boost their account esp if they don't play ranked?! look at all my match history even when team won i still did poorly and NONE of my games are ranked... anyhow. i suck, i can't get better, my problem isnt strategy its poor processing and map awareness (which is because of the poor processing, i can only take in so much so i focus on whats on hand and forget the rest which is why i play teemo, shrooms compensate for it), and when i say processing problems im diagnosed high functioning autism, in my case its literally the autism... the processing issues i have make me slow to react and clumsy. regardless, i try my best, and most of the time i have fun. esp when im with friends, they like my commentary (which is in private, and highly inappropriate LOL), and my voice is a dead ringer for teemo which just makes it more amusing really lol... normally im fine.. but i still suck, i admit i suck, but its also not my fault... i try. really hard. and its not like i touch ranked. ;-; its just normals... everyone calm down please and quit punishing me for being bad... i know, i get it, i already feel bad... i dont need my nose rubbed in it... and you may not think much of teemo but me playing teemo is WAY better than any other champion. by a lot. that map awareness thing i talked about. im not trying to be bad. and trying to report me and get me banned for being bad is... so if your bad your not allowed to play league at all? its not like im afking or feeding. im sitting under my turret and getting turret bombed ffs... i help my teammates out, shroom the map to hell, try to feed them kills before myself help them get blues and reds, usually through stealing, i ping to go invade and shroom path in and out so we get awareness of area and then steal the red/blue, which i give to the one following me unless they already have it. I trrryyyy
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