someone told me "kys" and i got banned instead of them.

so i was playing ranked and sometime during laning phase i died with my jg because i was following up with a gank and we died 3v2 to their bot lane duo. right afterwards our jg {{champion:107}} proceeded to flame me. i apologized saying " sry im just stoned" (recreational marijuana be legal in my state/county) the {{champion:107}} proceeded to tell me to "kys". i said "wow ok" and muted him in order to avoid tilting from hearing any more toxicity. later in the game i died to cait 1v1 and said "fcking cait" out of astonishment when she 3 shot me. later in the match i was explaining to the enemy team what was happening and typed kys but only as a quote regarding what the rengar said. i believe i said something along the lines of " wow tfw the enemy team is friendlier than your own team, ... i know rengar is so toxic, he said kys to me earlier" so my question to you riot is am i getting banned for quoting what another summoner said to me, because i said the f-word or what? is there some one actually reviewing these bans or is it an automated system involving chat log analysis? i doubt you will be kind enough to lift my 2 week ban and i guess i cant blame u because i did curse in chat, even though it wasnt in a verbally abusive way or even aggressive in nature. but at least let me know that this toxic person is also banned.
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