Please ban this. You must act Riot

Just encountered a player who went smite xerath conquer support. It was my last game look at match history. I eventually bought relic to maybe help our adc. He told us in chat he needed to lose and gave us his link. He literally lost 27 straight ranked games on troll smite supports. Then will win one yasuo game and continue the spree. How do you lose 27 straight games as a smite support with no punishment riot? He tells us in game he was trying to get his account to bronze. Yet I have gotten an account banned for saying loser and idiot to players like this. You need to fix your system. This is actually disgusting. Not to mention he followed me around my jungle taking everything from the start to the finish ( Riot has just perma banned me for this game. because i apparently int fed. and not the xerath. heart broken . )
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