uninstalling this game due to toxic community, and misguided riot toxicitiy punishments.

12 of my last 20 games have had AFKS, intentional trolls, or just downright completely toxic assholes. i got reported in all of those games, either by the inters for being fed up with them feeding/trolling. I got reported by the toxic assholes, for defending myself. I got reported by my teammates in the AFKER games because even when it's 4v5 people won't surr and will hold a game hostage. riot seriously expects you to spew positivity or say absolutely nothing when people go out of their way to ruin games for you. or drag out losing games to 50 minutes, or afk, or WHATEVER. i'm done. im sick of getting punished for being fed up with the MYRIAD OF ASSHOLES WHO POPULATE THIS GAME, AND RUIN IT FOR OTHERS FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES. this is why you playerbase is dropping riot. you are COMPLETELY ASS BACKWARDS. More and more people are going to realize this, and you're gonna end up with a DEAD GAME in a couple of years. go ahead and downvote this thread people. you have no context, and haven't played the 12 of 20 games that i did where i got relentlessly trolled, or had afks. i'll even give you a REAL reason to downvote. Every community OUTSIDE of the league community knows that league's playerbase is the most idealistic, sensitive PUSSIES on the planet. League has a reputation for this EVERYWHERE.
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