I've recently met two trolls in 5 days. My friend was playing rammus at ranked games, and there was a player in-game name "XXX" (since someone says its not allowed to reveal their names) picked support position, and picked Tahm Kench but took smite. He started last hit (smite) all the monsters while my friend jungling, and started feeding. Not only that, he swallowed Annie who was trying to win back the game and repeated doing so. Even though my friend reported this person afterwards, we were able to see this player continued trolling later on. On, it shows that this player picked Nunu and trolled couple other games. There was a player who was Silver 1 who was trying to climb Gold 5 but failed in the progress because of the trolling. Later today, I encountered another troll, his player's in-game name is "XXX." She picked jungle position, and then locked in Soraka. I knew she must be trolling just like the last person my friend unfortunately encountered. I her prior the beginning of the game. She has been using Miss Fortune to troll in ranked over 20 games. Her win rate was below 20%. Then in game, as I had assumed, this Soraka started feeding badly and using ult whenever she can (when we were full hp), and just feeding feeding and feeding. No matter how hard we tried, we lost the game. What makes me really upset though, not only just because of trolling players, but the inaction from the other team. I understand there could be a moment that a player is too tired of playing and decided to not take serious of ONE game. But these two players I talked above, they have been trolling for over 10 games, yet they haven't been banned yet. I don't know if it because the reports weren't many enough, or league just doesn't care about silver or bronze elo? Also, why should players who have below 20% win rate be banned from playing ranked? Indeed, people do have bad days, but 20% win rate does tell something. If those people who aren't trolling but still getting 20% win rate, then they should also learn better from normals. However, I believe those who have below 20% win rate, most of them are just trolling. The inaction of Riot and the other teammates makes me upset, because what you didn't stop today will may become what you are facing tomorrow. I always always report players who afk at any kind of game, because I would never ever leave my teammates and being afk (unless it was technical issues.) Just imaging you have such unsportsmanlike teammate in your team and you lost the game. How do you feel like?
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