One Game - 25 game chat restriction. Comment before you blindly downvote.

Two games - 10 game chat restriction. Feel free to look at my post history to see the logs. One game - 25 game chat restriction. Had a Kha flaming/griefing me for about 1/2 the game until I finally muted him. I tried explaining why we couldn't contest drake. Game 1 riplol87: wait riplol87: drave riplol87: fake it like we leashed riplol87: ... riplol87: dodge a hook, please riplol87: sigh riplol87: why would you pick one of the most complex adc's riplol87: when you don't even play adc riplol87: i'm roaming riplol87: unreal (ulted Garen top who was winning lane and we took turret FB) riplol87: rofl riplol87: feed then complain about a support that nets a kill and fb tower riplol87: typical draven riplol87: gg wp riplol87: how am i trolling when our adc is int'nig riplol87: and i stated specifically i was roaming riplol87: our adc and mid riplol87: are behind riplol87: we can't contest riplol87: lmao riplol87: WE CAN'T CONTEST riplol87: we have BOTH mid and adc behind riplol87: grow up and learn a bit about the game riplol87: split pushing riplol87: again, you fail to realize riplol87: our mid riplol87: and our adc riplol87: are beyond behind riplol87: but keep thinking you're the best riplol87: mtued riplol87: and asking for reports is grirefing riplol87: griefing riplol87: "but you're fed" riplol87: now maybe you see what i was talking about in regards to our mid and adc riplol87: not ulting into a lost fight riplol87: lol riplol87: i kept top turret from being taken until 23 min riplol87: 17 kp on their shyv riplol87: 9 on you (ulted Garen again to save him from fed enemy Shyv jg) riplol87: np man riplol87: this kha is ridiculous riplol87: i don't see you complaining about our adc playing across the map riplol87: when we teamfight riplol87: at least i have a global ultimate to use riplol87: ugh, muting you riplol87: not in a lost fight riplol87: no riplol87: it'd be wasted and it'd be another death riplol87: but clearly you don't realize that riplol87: muted riplol87: gg wp garen riplol87: sorry man, bad game i guess riplol87: gg wp Edited chat log to take out asterisks in front of "sigh" and "griefing" to avoid random italicization. I would legitimately like a Rioter to defend this despicable system. The games that led to my first chat restriction were below mild. **Your system doesn't encourage improvement. It demands perfection/complete silence from teammates. ** The vast majority of that chat was between Kha and me, after he repeatedly told everyone to report me. I was trying to explain my strategy for the game and why I wouldn't ult into a fight where one or two players got caught out in their entire team. Additionally, this Kha *repeatedly* requested reports, which, according to Riot, is considered griefing. Yet no notification on his punishment.
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