14 Days suspension for ???

Hello, I just recieved a 14days suspension and I litterly have no idea what for. I just checked the chatlog they included and there litterly isnt one swear word, bad word or whatever in it? What happend was my jungler went afk after 6min because he wanted to teach the team a lesson about what happens when you die ( toplane died 1v1 in the second min) then mid went afk because jungle went afk. All I said was report these 2 people you don't want them in your next games, so obviously they reported me because I reported them. Is there a way to fight this suspension? The chatlog litterly proves I didn't do/say anything wrong, and I will quit this game if this is the way it works. Game 1 Pre-Game Figurati: rip me In-Game Figurati: come gank vlad Figurati: he has no f Figurati: whu what Figurati: u think i can fly? Figurati: cya Figurati: enjoy a ban Figurati: heca is afk Figurati: so its ff anyways Figurati: and make sure he gets banned Figurati: its super winnable Figurati: but hes a tilted autist Figurati: btw, report hecarim ragequit Figurati: you dont want these people in your next games Figurati: jungle and mid afk Figurati: yup Figurati: autism Figurati: let them end Figurati: report me for what Figurati: not wasting 20min? Figurati: The one that will get a lesson Figurati: will be you Figurati: after getting a ban :) Figurati: yeah he just typed: Figurati: let this be a lesson trynda yumi sivir Figurati: play serious from min 1 or uninstal Figurati: after trynda died once he said: one more death and i afk Figurati: and he did :) Figurati: so u can go mid, end this game, and make sure he gets banned, same for mid Figurati: you dont want people like hecarim or midlane in your next games Figurati: very toxic people, die once and they afk Figurati: no idea what spaghetti language he is using Figurati: last game i had an afk aswel Figurati: still won the game tho Figurati: but 2 afks is to much Figurati: SO DYING ONCE IS TROLLING? Figurati: are u kidding me Figurati: who ius 0/7 Figurati: NOBOYD Figurati: most deaths is 3 and thats because u are afk Figurati: yeah well i am done arguing with you Figurati: you are the reason this game is so toxic Figurati: and u will get punished for it Figurati: u didnt do anything Figurati: litterly 0 Figurati: wtf have i done Figurati: that is reportable Figurati: idk why u should report me but w/e, make sure this mid and jungle get banned Figurati: before theyre in your next games Figurati: get this jungler banned Figurati: for what yumi Figurati: u wanna playt 3v5? and waste 20min? Figurati: yeah well good for u but i dont Figurati: wtf did i do? Figurati: i didnt type one thing to u Figurati: tell me what i did to u Figurati: litterly nothing Figurati: cry cry Post-Game Figurati: 9x mid jungle for afk Figurati: and yumi for wishing me cancer Figurati: for litterly no reason Figurati: you don't want people with those attitudes in your next games. Figurati: fyi my dad died of cancer. Game 2 In-Game Figurati: smite on viktor op Figurati: 100% this midlaner Figurati: is gonna be an idiot Figurati: read pings Figurati: ffs Figurati: my god Figurati: scrubs Figurati: cancer elo Figurati: 1/5 talking :) Figurati: im on 0 lp i dont care about this game Figurati: adc trolling Figurati: so its all gucci Figurati: 21farm 1/5 on 8min LOLOLOL Figurati: gg Figurati: no spellshield no e Figurati: and u cant use something Figurati: :D Figurati: its ignite Figurati: stoled? Figurati: 2/6 60farm says what? Figurati: u think i care about your pings? Figurati: only thing it does it make me laugh even more Figurati: nah Figurati: tilt much Figurati: tilt much kid Figurati: i dont speak spaghetti Figurati: but sit back Figurati: and let us carry u Figurati: dont surrender like all itallian people do Figurati: u still talking Figurati: i forgot to mute u Figurati: brb Figurati: ssstt spaghetti kid Figurati: nobody likes u Figurati: let us carry u Figurati: nice ult Figurati: amazing Figurati: clap clap Game 3 Pre-Game Figurati: pick or ban morde/tahm In-Game Figurati: theyre 4x AP Figurati: just so u all know Figurati: good idea Figurati: dur die nacht Figurati: lekker pik Figurati: guys Figurati: please do not Figurati: start this Figurati: please Figurati: stop Figurati: get MAW Figurati: rly Figurati: guys stop flaming cmon Figurati: and yasou get MR Figurati: GET MR Figurati: LISTEN FOR ONCE Figurati: GET M FUCKING R Figurati: GET Figurati: MAGIC Figurati: RESIST Figurati: HOW STUPID ARE U YASOU Figurati: TELL ME Figurati: 5 deaths in 12min Figurati: and still ur an idiot Figurati: janna, can we carry these bobos? Figurati: good job Figurati: feed tristana Figurati: that had 2 kills in lane Figurati: and 5 now Figurati: idiot team Figurati: 2/6 Figurati: bonobo Figurati: im not going top anymore Figurati: u all feed to much Figurati: ping herald 10 times Figurati: meanwhile hecarim goes bot Figurati: these teams Figurati: are so funny Figurati: 8/3 tristana now wuahahahahah Figurati: can u both Figurati: just play Figurati: for one second Figurati: all u did all game long is flame eachother Figurati: good job Figurati: dont fight Figurati: till im back Figurati: dont die Figurati: cant end Figurati: mumu ult Post-Game Figurati: gg janna
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