"It's just normals"

So if memory serves comments like ggez and the like, as well as of course homophobic, racist, or basically any comment insulting a group are not ok by any means. While obviously not at the same level and we please add the tired old "it's normal so (insert behavior they think is somehow better in normals)". Like I play exclusively normals, and I'm really tired of say people feeding their ass off and then ignoring any request to not 1v5 by saying "dude it's normals" or raging when you don't wanna ff by saying "just ff it's normals, it doesn't matter". League of Legends is a game, first and foremost, and the majority of us are playing it to have a good time. So I don't care if it's ranked or normals, because I have committed 20-40+ minutes of my time to 9 other people and I want to enjoy that time, otherwise I wouldn't be playing. So personally I'd love to see this tired reasoning become reportable, because it's just a dick move to try and justify your bad actions because you aren't playing ranked. At the very least I hope anyone who reads this that uses this remark will think twice next time they feel inclined to.
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