Two Chat Bans Taught Me This.

So, I've been toxic in league, pretty much all of you have as well, its expected. After all, Riot is one of the only coorperations to invoke censorship on their games. Understandably so. I'm not saying there is an issue with riot, im saying there is an issue with rioters. See, I watch teams tilt so incredibly hard that the entire team wastes 45 minutes stalling a loss, declining surrender votes just to troll, or just fight in team/all chat. I watch people say the most unbelievable crap to each other, things you would never have the courage to say in real life. And in all seriousness, lose any and all signs of tact or sportsmanship. Coming from console, Xbox actually, I was shocked at the toxicity. Even on call of duty, every lobby had that ONE guy with the mic who scream at the top of his lungs, immediately start cussing at everyone, or was blaring music that was far to audible but none too clear. Those of you who ever played PVP call of duty know what I am talking about. What did we all do with that guy? Wasn't something like, pause, player list, use the DPad to find his name, and click mute? Lot's of work considering league makes you hold Tab and click on the mute button once. Get what this post is about? When you get into a game, just mute the people who tilt you. Even if its just a tiny tilt. I've even had to go so far as to disable /all chat for a few weeks. Don't waste your time with people in game chat who are clearly there to start a fire. 1. If you can't say it in 3 words, it probably shouldnt be said. 2. If someone tilts, mute them. 3. DO NOT ask the enemy team to report someone for being toxic. (This shows that your team is fighting itself. Making them happier, and likely just tilting your team more.) 4. DO NOT spam ping. Path pinging is an acception, but three pings in a line will let them know an enemy is coming. (ex: When mid lane goes missing, say you see them going into bot side jg, ping a line towards bot lane of MIA's. Path pinging is a life saver.) Popular ways to actually communicate effectively. "Focus ______" Two words, Focus tower, Focus ADC, Focus Baron. Simple, lets your team know where your going to be focusing. When in low elo you're not going to tell your team shit. Sorry, those guys know everything. "OBJ then back" Lets your team know you won't be staying when you clear the objective in front of you. Example, if your on baron, OBJ then back means you're about to back after baron. That's all I have for you guys.
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