I got perma-banned for stepping up against toxic players

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
I was just defending myself from toxic people flamed me and my friend for nothing, they said they were gonna hack us and they were gonna ddos us since they had "our ip address", now, I don't usually question riot's decissions but.... really? I got banned? They didn't? what? I don't get it, If they were having a bad day they at least didn't have to report me for defending myself against them. Sometimes I also get bad games, but I don't report my teammates just because they tell me to stop playing badly, or to position better. I think that me and my friend played badly but we tried at least and we learned from our mistakes. I'm just trying to get better at the game people don't have to report me for trying. Now, I might have been toxic earlier like in 2014, but I have learned that you don't have to be angry at other players just because you aren't as good at the game. I have changed, and just because I'm stepping up and facing the face of someone I was before and try to stop them from harassing us I get banned. Do I deserve it?
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