Scripts in a low silver game...

I was just playing ranked when suddenly I stumbled across this player. I was playing Gragas mid, and I noticed I couldn't hit any Qs at first. In the beginning, I thought I was just exceptionally bad, rusty from no play all day. When I got my E, I tried to EQ combo, but I noticed she walked back just enough to not be hit by my E. of course, again, I thought I was just awful. This happened many times over the laning phase, but everytime I just dismissed it. It wasn't until she had ultimate that I was a little suspicious. I would E, and everytime she had ultimate up, she'd use it to avoid my E. I never landed my ultis either because everytime I did, she'd W away. I was suspicious at first, but I thought she was just scripting considering her massive win streak on Vayne. It wasn't until around 33 minutes had I ulti'd in her general area to test. I saw her pre-flash my ultimate, and I went back into the replay to check. Suspicions confirmed, I had reported him, but I know the few reports she had that game would not get her banned. I am reaching out to the boards to help me get word of this player. If anyone could help me link my replay, that would would extremely helpful. I get scripting in higher elos, but is it really necessary to script in a silver game? Through my game, he got himself a rank up, now to Silver 1. That's actually ridiculous. I had beat him in lane too.
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