Got a 14-day suspension by a teammate on purpose

Hi everyone, I just recieved a 14-day suspension for verbal abuse by a player who was playing Thresh (Username not disclose to follow the board rules) . This started during a ranked-game which I am currently on a promo serie and only needed one more win to move from Silver I to Gold 5. During the ban pick/champ select phase, he made a remark in chat which starts something like this: "My name neck yourself. If you say this four times during the game then I will promise to leave your lane and not feed." Now, I didn't want to dodge the game due to the fact that it'll count as a loss in a promo serie, so I thought I'll just play along to ensure that he doesn't demoralize the group dynamic. Below is the chat log from my in-client behavior reform card: Game 1 xxdestratimonxx: neck yourself neck yourself neck yourself neck yourself xxdestratimonxx: can you leash for me? xxdestratimonxx: ty xxdestratimonxx: <3 xxdestratimonxx: gj xxdestratimonxx: fffff xxdestratimonxx: care xxdestratimonxx: 3 mid xxdestratimonxx: yeah xxdestratimonxx: grou pup So unfortunately it didn't show the complete conversation, but at the beginning of the game, the Thresh player was peer pressuring everyone by insisting people to follow his instruction while sitting at mid lane ready to ruin the game experience for everyone. Now, I don't know if there was a algorithm that picks up certain words then you automatically gets a suspansion or the thresh player sent a report and I got banned from that. But the fact is he was framing this from the beginning because right after I said "neck yourself", Our top laner who played fiora, explained to me that I just fell into thresh's trap and I probably will receive penalty for it. Unsurprisingly, I got the suspension right after the game ended. Again, I'm not a type of person who likes to verbal abuse other players. I just don't want one player's selfish idea to ruin other people's gaming experience, expecially in a rank game when every game count. And unfortunately I was the victim in this case. I wish Riot support group could investigate this, maybe go through the chat from the champion selection to in game chat. Because there are other people who are encountering the same thing from this thresh player and this need to be stopped. I felt like I'm innocent yet helpless in this whole situation. It would be great if my suspension could be lifted, but I also know that the company have policy guidline to follow so I don't expect myself to get a pass. I would appreciate the help or response by the staff. Thanks. _Update: I've never gotten warning nor chat restriction prior to the suspension. So the phrase probably got picked up by the system and deem as extreme hate speech/threats. _ _Update 2: I would like to thank everyone who came and contributed to this discussion. I would never imagine these many support/comment from the community. I would also like to give special thanks to the Rioter for lifting my ban as well as continuing with the investigation. It's an awesome feeling to know there are people who stand for the integrity of this game and making sure this type of behavior do not happen again._
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