I seriously cannot get behind on how people just promote suicide like it's nothing.

How fucked up in the head are you people? Like, I just played a game where the guy had ">KYS" as his club tag and told me to jump off a bridge in game. Did I report him? Absolutely, and I'm hoping he gets permanently banned from the game. Even though it's the internet and you are completely anonymous, this should never come out of your mouth. You are literally telling someone to give the greatest gift in existance and throw it away, all because you got upset or they didn't abide by your rules. If I'm gonna be real with you, I hope in sometime in the future the government will implement a system on the internet where it detects the use of this term of any degree, and gets the person fined or put in jail. There is absolutely no reason to promote the use of suicide on the internet, ever.
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