banned for 3rd party programs?

Hi, does anyone know the process to correct being wrongfully banned for 3rd party programs? I received an email from Riot that I have been banned for using 3rd party software, but I have nothing on my Macbook other than graphic design software I use for school. I was thinking I was flagged by their system because I switch between the school Windows and my personal Macbook sometimes or play at my friend's nicer computer at his house. I usually just play ARAM or TFT and I checked and there wasn't anything weird unknown games on there. I'm afraid I'm not gonna get this account back and I just made it to gold on TFT! I sent a ticket, but Riot's email and their support ticket seems really serious and I don't want to level up another account :/ Is there a way I can prove I didn't have anything malicious on my computer? Thanks! Update: I got my account back! Iā€™m crying! Thank you MarledFox.
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