Why Age segregation does not work.

to start off, I believe everyone has played with a 10/13 year old making fortnite references and acting like a douche, just know that the poor child will die a virgin (like all fortnite players) and you thought, why dosen't riot use age to determine match making? so: **1: Age is hard to obtain** There is a lot of people playing league... how many? more than 2, so the amount of paperwork and coding Riot will have to do in order for this isn't worth any of the results. **2: Age can be frauded** you are on the internet, no one can see your face, or know your true identity, you will still have the occasional 12 year old in your game. you can easily lie about your age now and days, I know I did (Lenny face). **3: maturity?** so maturity, there can be a very calm and collective player who is mature and well tamed but a 12-year-old and also a 23-year-old man making dick jokes, most people would mix them up. yeah, before you make another post about matchmaking based on age, consult these points.
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