I was unjustly permanently banned

I was permanently banned for negative behavior, while i do a agree that my behavior was unbecoming however a permanent ban on my account seems way to harsh a penalty as it does not allow me any opportunity to reform my behavior at a later date. I was informed by riot employee that my ban was due to "Excessive negative behavior" however aside from these two instances my record has been for the most part clean. (Full disclosure the first incident involved my using a homophobic slur to which i received a 2 week ban which I agreed was merited and the second was a very banal exchange that would normally have led to a chat restriction on any other occasion) I was informed however that at any time our accounts can be escalated to a final warning if the powers that be dictate that someone has made "slurs, hate speech, wishing harm on others, or threatening other players" however I can find no literature in the League of Legends terms of use or the summoner's code to support this. I would also like to add that I tried opening a ticket and resolving this privately with riot however it was never resolved my questions unanswered. The employee rudely ended the ticket without any sort of resolution.
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