Banned for being toxic beucause i said the facts and the truth in every single game .

Game 1 Pre-Game DiamondeLaw: go mid In-Game DiamondeLaw: i dont think this is winnalb DiamondeLaw: alrighty DiamondeLaw: gg ? DiamondeLaw: wp DiamondeLaw: i ping DiamondeLaw: you dumb DiamondeLaw: and you saw him that was mid and you went in ? DiamondeLaw: lol DiamondeLaw: i freely let you mid DiamondeLaw: report mid DiamondeLaw: i dont care DiamondeLaw: feeder on mid its lost DiamondeLaw: you came for good ? DiamondeLaw: 0/5 mid DiamondeLaw: "CAN I MID" DiamondeLaw: FLAME IS NOT THE REALITY DiamondeLaw: WHAT GAME DiamondeLaw: give it DiamondeLaw: gg ez DiamondeLaw: report mid DiamondeLaw: for? DiamondeLaw: lol DiamondeLaw: you cant report me for that DiamondeLaw: \toxic? DiamondeLaw: do you know what toxic means ? DiamondeLaw: first of all DiamondeLaw: i said the facts stop crying DiamondeLaw: HAHAHAHA DiamondeLaw: HGAHAHAHAHAHA DiamondeLaw: YEA REPORTING YOU DiamondeLaw: FOR BEING BAD and no sorry at all DiamondeLaw: am i bad? DiamondeLaw: yea you feed my laner DiamondeLaw: omg DiamondeLaw: with farm you will win DiamondeLaw: hahahhaa DiamondeLaw: ez DiamondeLaw: lvl 13 doing much DiamondeLaw: hahahaha DiamondeLaw: ez DiamondeLaw: ez
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