This is getting out of hand. Wtf is this ban system???

Alright, today i played 3 games as riven since i just bought her and she is fun to me. The first game I played top and a Heimerdinger on my team called me r%%%%%ed. I told everyone to report him but he did not get a ban. He also called me multiple other names as well. The second game. The second game i tried out riven jungle. A pantheon refused to help me, called me r%%%%%ed said some pretty heavy words and then the enemy team started calling me bad and cursing at me, and again i stayed cool and said nothing. The worst thing i said was "fck lee get a life". The third game I died once to garen and complained how much dmg he had done to me and used "wtf" then almost 1 sec later after I died sona said report top. She started cursing at me calling me names again and I literally didn't use a single bad word that game, she then started typing in all caps and going afk for 10 min doing nothing but spamming wards in base. She added me as a friend and cursed my mother so i removed her. The worst things I said these 3 games were "fck, rtd, wtf" and they all said some pretty heavy shit and no one did anything to them. I will link all the chat logs at the end, but you unfortunately can't see theirs. After these 3 games i somehow got permabanned?? ( I did get banned on my old account, but after that i stopped saying heavy stuff that could offend some people). I am writing this letter on forums because riot seems not to answer any one of my emails, so I hope the community will do something. I am done with this game and toxic and bad people destroying our games and not getting anything done to them, but genuine happy players getting banned. Here are the chat logs for those of you who would like to check( the games might be mixed up): Game 1 Pre-Game Gimme3Steps: jg can u go rumble Gimme3Steps: well have a lot of damage Gimme3Steps: we need a pig of a tank Gimme3Steps: fiora or riven Gimme3Steps: both my mains Gimme3Steps: im 2-0 in my gold promos lets win this team Gimme3Steps: please take rumble Gimme3Steps: or any tank Gimme3Steps: yesss my love In-Game Gimme3Steps: wtf how does he do so much dmg Gimme3Steps: sure nice Gimme3Steps: HOW DO U DO SO MUCH DAMAGE WITH ONLY AN ATTACK SPEED ITEM AND A SHIELD Gimme3Steps: i cant Gimme3Steps: he q e me under turret Gimme3Steps: he uses w Gimme3Steps: takes 10 dmg from it Gimme3Steps: fucking garen Gimme3Steps: i need u to camp me Gimme3Steps: GANKKK GANK GANK GANK GANK UR TOP SIDE ISNT CLEARED Gimme3Steps: all muted Gimme3Steps: ekko swap Gimme3Steps: swap Gimme3Steps: who tf is trolling??? Gimme3Steps: trundle refused to gank cus i died once and they all started flaming me stopped listening to me and refused to engage Gimme3Steps: btw sona gl with ur ban Gimme3Steps: u cant get banned for feeding ut u can get banned for toxicity Gimme3Steps: muted kid Gimme3Steps: mongoloid Gimme3Steps: rumble come top Gimme3Steps: please Gimme3Steps: see? Gimme3Steps: can u just rep this sona for flaming? Gimme3Steps: yep ur getting banned buddy Gimme3Steps: btw i muted u 10 min ago so there is no point typing Gimme3Steps: wp Gimme3Steps: see i deal dmg im doing my best no point for toxicity Gimme3Steps: why are u all flaming me???? Gimme3Steps: if it werent for zed i wouldve killed him Gimme3Steps: i got 0 ganks man garen is op he builds crit and has 4k hp Gimme3Steps: if u listened to me once it would;ve Gimme3Steps: no need to flame Gimme3Steps: ekko is ok Gimme3Steps: Just rep sona Gimme3Steps: ruins this game being so toxic Gimme3Steps: team up focus on aoe Gimme3Steps: SONA STOP TYPING AND PLAY Gimme3Steps: shut up mongooloid Gimme3Steps: she is afking typing and not playing Gimme3Steps: toxic since i was 0.1 Gimme3Steps: rep sona im done with this game Gimme3Steps: u die once and they refuse to listen to u Gimme3Steps: this sona is afk in base for 5 minutes Gimme3Steps: ty trundle Gimme3Steps: Please rep her she ruins everyones experience Gimme3Steps: sona is literally afk and placing wards infinitely Gimme3Steps: look at her please Gimme3Steps: rep her please i beg u Post-Game Gimme3Steps: pls rep sona Gimme3Steps: inting Gimme3Steps: verbal abuse Gimme3Steps: i was trolling Gimme3Steps: f u all Game 2 Pre-Game Gimme3Steps: 2 kabla i tastaturu smo maznuli Gimme3Steps: 2 KABLA Gimme3Steps: I Gimme3Steps: TASTATURU Gimme3Steps: daym Gimme3Steps: thanks for that Gimme3Steps: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░█▀▀▀░█▀▀▀░░█▀▀░▀▀█░░█░░ ░░░█░▀█░█░▀█░░█▀▀░▄▀░░░▀░░ ░░░▀▀▀▀░▀▀▀▀░░▀▀▀░▀▀▀░░▀░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Gimme3Steps: <3 In-Game Gimme3Steps: nmg sad Gimme3Steps: ARD BLUE Gimme3Steps: WTF Gimme3Steps: YES Gimme3Steps: reported Gimme3Steps: i had no smite Gimme3Steps: rep heimer toxic he said the r word Gimme3Steps: EVERYONE WAS DEAD Gimme3Steps: stfu Gimme3Steps: i cant say it Gimme3Steps: Lets say Gimme3Steps: he called me speciak Gimme3Steps: special Gimme3Steps: For not having smite Gimme3Steps: U CANT GO 1V5 AND BLAME ME Gimme3Steps: Rep him for verbal abuse Gimme3Steps: hell get banned Game 3 In-Game Gimme3Steps: bot let them push u to deth Gimme3Steps: deat* Gimme3Steps: death* Gimme3Steps: im not well Gimme3Steps: anyways, let them push you and ill gank lvl 2 Gimme3Steps: cancers Gimme3Steps: they all deserve to get one Gimme3Steps: panth stop sleeping Gimme3Steps: Fck off f Gimme3Steps: ill gank top Gimme3Steps: wait for my 6 Gimme3Steps: THIS Gimme3Steps: IT Gimme3Steps: IS Gimme3Steps: THE Gimme3Steps: SECOND TIME Gimme3Steps: I PING U Gimme3Steps: U SAY UR COMMING Gimme3Steps: AND U LITERALLY STAND AFK Gimme3Steps: i cant argue with rtds like u Gimme3Steps: muted Gimme3Steps: dumbass kid Gimme3Steps: Gg Gimme3Steps: Lee get a fucking life go out please Gimme3Steps: i cant 1v5 them Gimme3Steps: just rep panth for toxicity Post-Game Gimme3Steps: lee get a life Gimme3Steps: please go out Gimme3Steps: for your own good Gimme3Steps: might go out after this Gimme3Steps: u should too
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