This is why I find this company to be a joke nowadays

Below, you will find the chat log from ONE SINGULAR GAME that got my account permanently suspended. One. Game. ONE. GAME. I had a troll that picked Sylas and had NO clue how to play the champion. Saying things like, "Oh this game is only for 14 year olds and casuals, nobody cares about ranked." CLEARLY trolling/griefing. Yet I get banned PERMANENTLY for trying to talk some sense into this person. How does that make any sense? Yeah, It's negative behavior. BOTH OF US WERE EXHIBITING NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR BUT THIS KID WAS TROLLING MY RANKED GAME. He even began inting (actually inting, not just feeding. running into the enemy team, using no abilities, and thumbs up emoting) later into the game. Game 1 Pre-Game TechMark12: is that a TechMark12: thornmail third item TechMark12: pyke TechMark12: YEET In-Game TechMark12: go ibg TechMark12: and spirit visage TechMark12: max w TechMark12: 4-0 yas TechMark12: yikers why am i in this elo TechMark12: yikeeeeeees TechMark12: dont gank mid lol TechMark12: double kill waiting to happen TechMark12: holy TechMark12: uninstall TechMark12: yeah nah TechMark12: ggwp TechMark12: i dont think we can carry this kaisa TechMark12: please refund sylas TechMark12: like TechMark12: people like you really piss me off TechMark12: why are you playing a champ you dont know how to play TechMark12: in ranked TechMark12: its ranked TechMark12: it is reportable as griefing TechMark12: 14 year olds and casuals? TechMark12: dude it is ranked TechMark12: not for casual play TechMark12: no TechMark12: thats norms TechMark12: jfc TechMark12: its RANKED TechMark12: it isnt for FUN TechMark12: gg TechMark12: it should be a perm ban when people do that TechMark12: play a champ they dont know how to TechMark12: in ranked TechMark12: gold btw TechMark12: im not in silvr TechMark12: no TechMark12: im not lol TechMark12: he doesnt type TechMark12: gold 4 jungle TechMark12: gold 4 support i mean TechMark12: nearly gold 3 TechMark12: soon to be plat TechMark12: no im not XD TechMark12: muted youre getting annoying TechMark12: gold elo TechMark12: still get 21 lp per win TechMark12: so thats gold elo TechMark12: youre muted so stop typing TechMark12: reported for inting TechMark12: you literally TechMark12: just inted lol TechMark12: enjoy your suspension :D Post-Game TechMark12: hey TechMark12: do this game a favor TechMark12: and report sylas TechMark12: kid has no idea how to play the champ TechMark12: said that ranked is for 14 year olds and casuals TechMark12: and that he wasnt trying TechMark12: and then inted TechMark12: yo TechMark12: bg TechMark12: my man
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