The WORST Game Of League I have ever played! Seriously Horrible

This happened Exactly 20 minutes ago, It was so bad i was actually tempted to delete my account and say bye to the game.. I never thought id have this reaction. It all started in the loading screen where i could see my ping suddenly skyrocketing. Never a good start. Everything was fine for 5 minutes or so until Me and 2 other members from my team started disconnecting at the same time. At first I thought it was a very strange coinidence and I didnt start blaming DDos or hacks... But then Everything in the game started to freeze and my Screen went Completly Black. All i could see was my cursor (i also could hear the audio). Then whiles i was rushing to try and solve the problem i heard 3 people disconnect from my team. Once it was "solved" (i had to fully restart my pc) .. the enemy Xayah started hardcore BMing my team, Killing them when someone randomly stopped walking and typing "ez noobs" . This also continued in the post game lobby where the situation got extremly toxic. I just wanted to have a chill / fun night of league of legends, and after this one game, thats no longer the plan. Yes, I am extremly salty so save your comments calling me out. 2 Weeks ago I posted a discussion in the boards about how i was "pleasantly surprised by the community" ... Its Facinating how one experience can ruin your mindset for i dont know how long. Xayah or one of her premades was 100% hacking and I seriously hope she gets Perma-Banned. Yeah, That was My rant! what was the worst experience youve had? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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